Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Acting at the Speed of Life: The Book is Out!

The book is out!

Front Cover
And it is totally amazing! I am astonished when I look at it and realize that this is something that more or less popped out of my head. (I suppose, considering the long build-up, this actually “seeped” out of my head.)

Nine years and 25 drafts later, I have followed through and followed through on every last detail of this project until I at last have copies in hand!

Here are some of reviews from colleagues who read advance copies of the manuscript:
Tim Mooney calls us back to the basics, and it's about time! Acting at the Speed of Life communicates with clarity, wisdom and practicality. This text belongs in every theatre artist's bookbag. Jeff Barker, Northwestern College Theatre Chair

I have been reading your text with unmatched enthusiasm. It unquestionably fills a niche that needs filling. As a product of "the 1950’s era Method,” I feel that this easily read text redresses some of the excesses of that Brando dominated era. How little attention was paid to the art of playing as so deftly defined by you in this book. You are right on in your analysis here. What you say is applicable to all manner of plays—modern as well as those from the classic past. Bravo! David Deacon, Theatre Professor, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

I really like your book. I can hear you speaking. All the examples from your own acting or teaching experiences really help to make it an easy read. I think this would go nicely into a classical acting class/ Acting Styles class. The advanced students are really hungry for this kind of information and can relate to what you are saying. I felt like I was sitting in one of your workshops again. NO other book I've read captures these simple tasks that are so important. I would recommend every acting student to have your book. Janice Fronczak, University of Nebraska-Kearney Theatre Chair

Thank You!!!!!!!!! I applied the acting advice in your book to an actual debate, and it worked! I was up against an opponent tonight with better name recognition, more experience in our union, and known as a good speaker. And I took him out! Your tips helped me feel prepared and more relaxed, and helped me keep the focus on the members, not on getting votes. Julie Blaha, Teachers Union Organizer, Minneapolis, MN

[It] shed a huge beam of light on some things in my life. You have a gift. You make acting accessible — hard work, yes, but quite within the realm of possibility. I definitely am no expert. However, I do know how much I'm reacting to your honesty. I don't think I'd be alone. Kelly Crandall, Theatre Student, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The book for me is now a series of master-classes framed as a storyteller would relate them to me. In a way it reminded me of An Actor Prepares when I thought about how I use that book. I leaf through it [and] can read whatever chapter seems most compelling at the time. I see it as a sort of conversation with you, intended as much for directors as actors. Jim Ryan, Norman North High School Fine Arts Chair

Provocative… Many of its ideas are valuable for any one in or considering an acting career… What was striking was your errant disregard (shared by me) for psychology and the American Method! Sanford Robbins, U of Delaware Professional Actor Training Program Chair

I stayed up until 3 am yesterday reading your book! And I have a very short attention span. I just love how passionate you are about the craft and how human and sensitive and honest and funny your writing is. I am all inspired… also you have chosen some of my favorite monologues to prove a point and teach great lessons to actors. Alina Mostov, Actress

I have begun delving into the text [and] am anxious to get back to it... It seems like a important work that is what is needed to get back to storytelling in an effective way. Thank you so much

for the opportunity. Cameron Jackson, Florida State University, Theatre Chair
COPIES CAN ALREADY BE ORDERED via my newly retooled really fantastic website!

For this first week, it will take a little bit longer for distribution of books ordered through this website (until my first shipment o' books comes in). But, when you get them directly from me, you can also order them signed/inscribed however you like. The orders go through PayPal, which gives a little box to fill in stuff like:“Please autograph this ‘To Bobby! Thanks for the memories!’” (or somesuch…)

Or, if you prefer, you can order the book through my site at “CreateSpace,” which is https://www.createspace.com/3536617 . When you order through this site, $4 more of your purchase actually goes to the author (me), than would otherwise go to Amazon... whenever Amazon has it available to sell on their site.

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